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Nursing Home staff and residents take COVID-19 in stride

Philip Nursing Home caregivers are working to ensure our residents are protected from the COVID-19 virus.  By limiting travel, social distancing, use of personal protective equipment and following CDC guidelines we hope to avoid COVID-19 in the Philip Nursing Home and Silverleaf Assisted Living.      
The largest effect the virus has had on the residents is the lack of visitation by family and friends.  Residents are being helped by staff to use FaceTime, Messenger, and Skype to chat with their loved ones.    A special birthday will soon be observed by a resident, and plans are already underway to make sure that the resident feels special by the support of the staff and fellow residents, as family and outside visitors will be unable to physically join in the day.
Social distancing of the residents is being observed, and they are spaced out in the dining room to ensure that they are as far apart as possible.  When the weather permits, residents are able to enjoy the courtyard and get some fresh air and sunshine.
The staff is keeping a good mental attitude and are going about their jobs while complying with the restrictions that have been put in place.  According to Denise Buchholz, Director of Nursing , the staff has been awesome at working together as a team.  They take the virus seriously, and are implementing the required restrictions, but they continue to provide compassionate and warm care for their charges.  Keeping conditions there as normal as possible, while ensuring the safety of the residents.
Per CDC & CMS guidelines, handwashing and respiratory etiquette remain essential and are practiced during every day cares.  New procedures have been implemented to protect staff and their families.  All staff are screened prior to the start of their shift, residents receive daily screenings as well. Caregivers wear cloth masks which are being utilized to conserve personal protective equipment (PPE) at this time. The staff are also bringing a change of clothing to work so they may bag up their scrubs for laundering.  They are also being asked to shower prior to greeting their families once they return home.  
One of the advantages to being a rural facility is having the time to get procedures into place before the virus gets any kind of hold.  Staff can watch and learn what is going on in areas with larger population.  There is time to be proactive rather than reactive.  Being able to be as prepared as possible is a great mental boost for caregivers.  
Hats off to the terrific people who are working hard on the front lines of our nursing home to ensure as much normalcy as possible, while keeping our loved ones safe from COVID19.

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