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Drug Lady Speaks in Philip

Lynn Riemer, aka “The Drug Lady”, gave dramatic presentations last week at Philip schools, also to the community, teachers and the medical community.  She is widely identified as an expert in Colorado having served for many years as the Chemist/Criminalist with the North Metro Undercover Task Force. So, she knows what she is talking about.  Riemer told us, whatever Colorado has there is coming here.  
Vaping has become a great concern in the Philip and surrounding communities. This is why the Philip Ambulance Service chose to bring one of the top experts in the United States and internationally.  
The presentation began with the foundational understanding the “Everything about vaping is harmful!” Vaping and what is in the vape “carts” - cartridge, (a cart is liquids for vape pens, especially containing marijuana) is not regulated and just as drug dealers cut the dope with other substances you do not know what is in a vape. Some are vaping nicotine, marijuana, essential oils, vitamin E, B12 and others energy stimulants. Oils based products DO NOT belong in the lungs of the human body and cause irreversible damage.  All to soon in South Dakota marijuana will be available in carts. 
The information was presented in a way to help us pay attention to the influences of various substances. Riemer provided three simple ways to stay alert to possible drug activities; 1. What do you see, 2. What do you hear, 3. What do you smell. 
What do you see? Are they fidgety, or mellow and withdrawn? Having mood swings, violent behavior, short fuse? Are their eyes red, pupils constricted or dilated? Are they breathing normal? Do they have burns on lips and fingers? Have you seen changes in social behavior or involvement with family?
What do you smell? Alcohol, Pot (the new high level pot smells like skunk), chemicals, mango or cotton candy (vaping sweet flavors), vinegar, excess perfume/aftershave, or vomit?
What do you hear? Slow slurred speech, or fast, low and raspy or high pitched, repeating things that don’t make sense, confusion, not following conversation, nonsensical patterns, taking a long time to answer?
The definitions of drug abuse is; the use of illegal drugs, prescription drugs or over-the-counter supplements and medications in ways other than recommended or intended. Drug addiction is a chronic disease characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive or difficult to control despite harmful consequences.  The developing brain (birth – 25 years of age) is permanently altered at the neurotransmitter level when drug abuse happens. The reward center is stimulated and it is this drive for satisfaction and euphoria that changes a person’s life.
The ways that people have discovered to take simple over-the-counter medication and alter them into a drug that give a person a high are over-whelming. Anything from Imodium AD, Coricidin, cough syrup (Dextromethorphan) and so much more can be simply altered to create a high. Riemer regularly reminded us that marijuana is marijuana is marijuana. Hemp is marijuana. When a state legalizes marijuana, you are getting far more than a joint. The major sponsors of the legalization of marijuana have a reputation for targeting kids. The line of marijuana edibles uses familiar packaging to mislead the consumer.
If you would like more information contact Pastor Kathy Chesney.
If there is a major take away from Riemer’s time in Philip it is for us to pay attention: What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear?

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